Who We Are
We are an innovative and cost-effective solution to custom stainless steel kitchen equipment.

We offer professional and tailored engineering design and high-quality fabrication of custom food service and material handling equipment.
From an idea, a sample product or a hand-drawn sketch, the design of your project can be created by our experienced team. Brena & Co. Design Studios provides engineering and design services that add value to every project. Our vast experience creating custom kitchen equipment allows us to provide our clients with personalized designs for their commercial kitchen demands. We work closely with restaurant owners, architects, engineers, shop owners, and consultants to bring their ideas to life. We develop complete shop-floor drawings, customer drawings, bid packages and specifications for manufacturing along with realistic 3D renders for marketing and sales purposes.

What We Do

We have a long history designing and manufacturing high-quality food service equipment for full-service restaurants, hospitals, schools, convenience stores, and hotels.

Our designers are trained professionals who have been in the stainless steel manufacturing business for years. Our specific knowledge of the requirements for stainless steel when producing kitchen equipment is unmatched and allows us to deliver the highest level of functional quality at affordable rates.

We are proud to provide our clients with the highest quality custom equipment at the most competitive price without compromising the grade of our products and the services we provide. Our design and engineering team is fully qualified to create a clean stainless steel kitchen units that will help you increase productivity while reducing labor cost.

Find out how Brena & Co. can help you find the right pieces of equipment, built to your unique specifications and designed to help you increase productivity while reducing labor cost. Contact us for a free estimate!
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