Laser Cutting

We are the best choice for your small to large contract manufacturing. Our 4000 Watt Bystronic Laser Cutter can cut steel, aluminum, and more to your required specifications. By using our laser cutting services customers are able to eliminate costly tooling charges, nest irregularly shapes and realize a quick turnaround on parts.

Laser Cutting
C & T Custom Stainless Steel, LLC provides exceptional build-to-print and custom stainless steel fabrication services, including laser cutting, metal forming and metal finishing. With a 4000 W Bystronic laser capable to cut mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel up to 1/2” thick, we deliver greater accuracy, holding tighter tolerances and giving our team the ability to precision cut sheet metal parts, producing greater consistency from part to part, less wasted metal, less wasted time, and cleaner burr-free cuts.
From traditional metal fabrication services to laser cutting and robot welding, Brena & Co. is your one-stop-shop for custom foodservice equipment design and fabrication. From single part prototyping to high volume production, our manufacturing team has the expertise, skill, and equipment required to perfect every detail.

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